People are paying nothing for their electricity.

Homeowners are using solar energy to slash their electric bill to zero and make an impact on their local environment.

They have decided to stop investing in utility companies and start investing in themselves. A non-solar homeowner is merely renting their electricity; wouldn’t you rather invest in yourself, your home, and your wallet?

It’s not just the energy.

Going solar allows you to:

Invest in your home. Studies show that homes with solar panels fetch a higher premium when it comes time to sell, which more than covers the cost of the system. Panels also help your home sell 20% faster as properties without solar installations.

Claim a massive federal tax credit. Deduct 30% of your system value off your taxes through 2019; this incentive will begin to scale down in 2020, so don’t wait!

Produce your own clean energy. Going solar allows you to eliminate your dependence on fossil fuel-produced electricity and feel relieved in knowing you are producing your own clean, pollution-free energy.

Save money. The cost of electricity has consistently risen for over 40 years, with a 40% increase in the last decade alone. Homeowners that go solar can save thousands of dollars.

Pay nothing out of pocket to own the panels on your roof.

Lock down low, consistent installments that pay for your electricity usage and solar panels without spending anything more than you currently are. Through our $0 down savings approach to solar, we design your system and financing package so that:

1.  You pay nothing upfront for installation

2.  Your monthly installments are less than or equal to what your are currently paying for electricity

3.  At the end of the financing period you own the panels and never have to pay for electricity again

… and all this happens at zero out of pocket cost to you.


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